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TTC Vertical Subway Poster

Designed as a TTC vertical subway poster.

Here’s an example of a poster on the TTC subway:

I based it off the Seneca winter 2012 ad campaign. The people, pigeon and Seneca logo were vector elements brought in from Illustrator. Original poster size: 20×28 inches.



Exploring Downtown Toronto – Morlock

The pictures below are a collaboration of all the pictures our group (of 6) took that day (only a small fraction of them are included, as there were way too many!) We named our group ‘wolfpack’! : )
[taken Feb 5]

Waking up…brrrrrWaking Up...

Meeting up @ Finch StationAt Finch Station

Getting a transfer…How does this thing work :o

Day pass…no comment.Posing with your Day Pass lol

A danger sign where the subway platform ends 😮TTC Subway signs 2

Another sign….it’s actually right above the other one o.oTTC Subway signs 1

Stand back! Kinda looks like a swimming pool and you can’t jump in 😦TTC Subway signs 3

Finally on the subwayInside the TTC subway

An ad inside the subway
TTC Subway ads 2

I was at Summerhill station =/
TTC Subway ads 3

When you can’t pronounce it, it means its expensive haha
TTC Subway ads 1

Another station along the route…some stations are in the open
Close to Summerhill Station in Toronto

Got to St. Andrew station!
St. Andrew station

Gettin out in the open
St. Andrew station

A sculpture around Sun Life Center…
Around St. Andrew station 4

The stuff of legendsAround St. Andrew station 3

Somewhere around St. Andrew still…
Around St. Andrew station

At a bus/streetcar shelter….that’s the streetcar in the back!
Shelter 1

Look at the change in white balance from the above image!
Shelter 2

Roy Thompson Hall
Around St. Andrew station 2

Random pigeon blocking my way!!!

Emily Street
Emily Street 2

Walking tall…all that was missing was a baseball bat in my right hand!
Emily Street 3

Still walking, in search of some street art not to be found on Emily Street! =/Emily Street

Java’s Daily Specials…
Java's Daily Specials

The special for that day!
Java's Daily Specials 2

This is what happens after you get Java’s special and start driving…
CP24 Van

CTV. Breaking news, literally!
Don't Drink and Drive

The Much Music SUV
Much Music SUV

Getting some pizza…
Pizza Pizza

A poster inside that Pizza Pizza
Poster inside Pizza Pizza

munch munch…
Munch Munch?

Revenge of the pigeon…what did i do to you D:
Pigeon 2

Black Market…best place to get stuff you don’t need but you buy anyway!
Black Market Signage

I wonder what he’s reading o_O
I wonder what he's reading...

…I found out -_-‘
Reading a newspaper

Black market signs all over the place…
Black Market Signage 2

You make your own sense out of this…
Shoe Person of the Year

Tough economic times call for sacrifices…
When haircuts cost $15 this is what happens...

The apes are getting smarter…its happening!!
The Active Surplus Ape

Maxin relaxin…
Active Surplus

Robots inside ‘Active Surplus’
Robots at Active Surplus 3

Robots at Active Surplus

Robots at Active Surplus 2

bunch of marbles bought from Active Surplus
Marbles from Active Surplus

Silver Snail…
Silver Snail from the outside 2

Silver Snail from the outside

Silver Snail Poster
Silver Snail Flyers

Taking pictures of graffiti
Taking pictures of graffiti
Graffiti 1
Graffiti 2
Graffiti 3
Graffiti 4
Graffiti 5
Graffiti 6
Graffiti kingofthedot
Graffiti 7
Graffiti 8
Graffiti 9
Graffiti 10
Graffiti 11
Graffiti 12

New York Subway
New York Subway

We sat inside for a bit…
Inside New York Subway

Gandhi Indian Cuisine, pretty close to New York Subway
Gandhi Indian Cuisine

Gandhi Indian Cuisine 2

Portland and Queen…not far from New York Subway
Portland and Queen

UMBRA… looks better from the outside :d
Umbra Store

Back at Silver Snail…well right across the street
Black Bull Patio Restaurant

Black Pull Patio across from Silver Snail…CN Tower in the reflection!
Black Bull Patio Restaurant 2

Some big deals going down in this town…
Buying a Hot Dog

Play ‘The Turtles – Happy Together’ and stare at this photo for best results.
He's wondering if he should eat it

It’s a trap! Friendly Stranger shop…
Friendly Stranger

Cannabis Culture Shop

A picture inside the store…Mona Lisa Behind the scenes?
Mona Lisa Behind the Scenes

Back around Osgoode station…
Statue right outside osgoode station
statue at osgoode 2

Waitin’ for the train…
at Osgoode station headin back

Ahh here it comes……..
Osgoode station

Business card on the subway seat (of that stranger store)
a business card

so focused...

I thought we read this already :S Guy on left spotted a ghost @_@reading the NOW newspaper

I did not approve of this xD

Everyone saying goodbye!!
goodbye from our group

People in my group (left to right in above picture): Me, Zeeshan, Binthu, Abdullah, Jonathan, Ehsan

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