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V-Ray Bottle Render

Lighting and texturing done in Maya and rendered using V-Ray 2.3.

Maya V-Ray Render

Depth of field – door handle!

Portraying low depth of field —> low f-stop number + adjusting shutter speed (exposure control).
It’s the door handle for my room!
Click the image to view a larger size (redirects to Flickr in new window) [Jan 12]

Door handle

White balance!

Using white balance to get accurate colors in your image. Taken in the Fine Arts building at York University, Toronto.  (Click any image to view it larger, redirects to Flickr) [feb 15]

Playing around with different white balance settings:





Custom white balance used for the second image of the dog!



Another art piece in that building…


Setting up custom white balance, didn’t actually use the bottom two as I needed to fill the entire picture with the paper so I had to do it manually later on.



That’s my photography prof down there!! Hope he doesn’t sue me for uploading this image 😀


One of the images on top, in which you see people holding up blank white paper, was used as the white balance custom setting for this one.


It worked out a lot better when I just held up the paper up close to the camera while standing close to the wall you see in the image, and then using that as the white balance for this image. I see a horse!! what do you see?


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