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Alien Project – Story

There’s been much debate over the Roswell UFO incident, some maintaining it was all a hoax while others claim it’s a huge conspiracy. An alien artifact recently discovered around the region is about to change all of that; the source, nicknamed Enix, cannot be released at this point due to the nature of this discovery. The object, in the shape of a hand, possesses supernatural powers which are transferred to any person for the duration of them holding it! Speculation has already begun on what kind of superpowers the hand provides to whoever holds it, some referring to it as the ‘Midas touch’, while others call it ‘Enix’. Media frenzy has been fuelled even further by fake videos uploaded by people who claim to have seen or touched the object; others have put off the discovery as a mass media publicity stunt or part of an April fool’s joke. The image of the hand, according to Enix, will be widely published online on December 21, 2012.

This short story and all references made in it are completely fictional. Any relation to any real characters or events is completely coincidental. Copyright © Aamir Raza.
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