SoundAnalyzer (HYPE class) tests!

I recently posted my first test with HYPE’s SoundAnalyzer class which was pretty basic:

First SoundAnalyzer Test

Here’s another attempt at one themed around the Tron Legacy movie:

Sound Analyzer – Tron Legacy

This one makes use of the blur filter but since the center of the discs aren’t transparent you won’t see the image in the back. Each disc responds to a different octave using SoundAnalyzer’s ‘getOctave’ function.

Finally, the one I spent the most time on was the one below (had to edit the song playback speed due to copyright reasons):

Themed around Iron Man, I started out with constructing the elements with just a bunch of circles in Illustrator and then symmetrically cutting them up. Initially, I tried to get each piece of a circle to respond to different values for a certain octave (once again using the ‘getOctave’ function but that wasn’t proving to be very effective. What I ended up doing was using the ‘getFrequencyIndex’ class which allowed me to spread the frequency values (0-255) across the smallest to largest circles.

Illustrator Elements

When I tested the program, at times the elements wouldn’t react to the audio, which as I found out was due to having too many Functiontrackers! (I had 51 trackers)

Functiontracker code

No matter what I couldn’t get all of them to respond during the entire track and even the Quicktime Export option had the same issue. This then led me to then screen-record half of the trackers at once and then the other half. Once that was done, I stitched the tracks by comparing the waveform and added a few adjustments in After Effects!

AE Fix

It was after putting the entire video together that I realized that the FunctionTracker problem was only present during runtime inside Flash. When I played the swf from the file explorer (before uploading it), the problem was gone!! Here is the swf for the above (without effects):

SoundAnalyzer Iron Man – Swf file


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