Creating Wine Bottle Label Art Using Hype

Starting off with an example provided for the PixelColorist class in HYPE, I created my own shape and experimented with the blur filter and different images to somewhat get close to what I needed. What I noticed is that you should always have an image of the same size as your stage to avoid any problems, so I gathered a whole bunch of 1280×720 images to test. After testing around with a few shapes, I decided to settle with the decorative tool in Flash to create something that looked a like a cosine wave. Here are some of the png results that I ended up with:

Png Ouput 1

Png Ouput 2

Png Ouput 3

Png Ouput 4

Png Ouput 5

The 3D features in Photoshop CS6 are quite impressive as it comes with a few 3D presets of it’s own and even lets you import 3D objects in .obj format. I decided to go with the wine bottle preset that came with Photoshop. After setting up the lighting, I brought together a few of my images and blended them to create the label. The only downside to the Photoshop 3D features might be the render time it takes if you go with transparency for your objects! Final result:

Wine Bottle Using Hype Framework


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