Stina Persson Inspired Art!

My attempt at trying to create something inspired from Stina Persson’s work:

[Click on image to view full-sized: redirects to Flickr]

Stina Persson Inspired Art


About Aamir Raza

VFX enthusiast and Digital Media Artist living in Toronto. //

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  1. I like the energy and the retro feel. I wonder why it feels retro. Maybe because the colors are not fully saturated?

    • Yeah, you’re right. It would’ve looked better if the reds and blues were brighter and more saturated in the middle, kind of like the effect the yellow has. Didn’t really get time to edit it much! Maybe I’ll make another soon and post it over the weekend but spend more time on it 😀

      This was part of an assignment so I just kinda hurried it! Love your artwork though!

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