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Multimedia design: Positive/negative studies!

Simply put, positive space is the space in which your subject resides, while negative space is the space around them. It’s important to have negative space for every positive shape in your composition, to make your subject stand out and to maintain visual balance.

Here’s some exercises we recently did relating to positive/negative space:

[Click on image to view full-sized: redirects to Flickr]


[Click on image to view full-sized: redirects to Flickr]


Positive/negative space:

[Click on image to view full-sized: redirects to Flickr]



positive negative space-29thjan

Figure-ground perception:

We had to choose a single letter, then use 2 sheets of contrasting construction paper (9″x12″) using one as the cutout for the letter so you can paste it on the other. The letter was to touch all four sides at some point and only occupy 50% of the space on the sheet in order to create a balance between the figure and ground (figure being the shape, ground being the background – quite obvious in this example of what the shape is *hint: it’s not red*).

[Click on image to view full-sized: redirects to Flickr]



Mind mapping?!?!?! Little Red Riding Hood (LRRH)

Surprisingly, I had never had of the term ‘mind map’ before. I’ve always seen people use the more broader term ‘brainstorming’. According to Wikipedia:

A mind map is a diagram used to represent words, ideas, tasks, or other items linked to and arranged around a central key word or idea.

Here’s two versions of a mind-map we had to work on. One was centered around the LRRH story,  the other being branched out of the first one as to create our own version beyond what was provided already:

[Click on image view full-sized: redirects to Flickr]


More Crosshatching Techniques and Examples!

Some previous crosshatching stuff I thought I should upload. Hatching and crosshatching examples:
[Click on image view full-sized: redirects to Flickr]


Practicing basic crosshatching:
[Click on image view full-sized: redirects to Flickr]

A few more examples of cross hatching. Try to re-create the image on the left side!
[Click on image view full-sized: redirects to Flickr]


Photoshop Website Layout

Here’s a Photoshop Layout we created in class. I’ve attached the source files if anyone is interested in trying this out. A mask was used for the main image, the rest was just aligning text layers and adding the logo! Click on the image for the full-sized image (redirected to Flickr)

Audi R8 Layout 1

All project files can be downloaded here (psd, img and logo files)

Watercolor Painting!

Here’s a few watercolor paintings we recently did in our ‘sketching for communications’ class. Some of them are unfinished due to lack of time. Click on any to view the full-sized image (redirects to flickr)

Dragon (watercolor)

M&M (watercolor)

Alien (watercolor)

Helmet (watercolor)

Mannequin (watercolor)


Crosshatching assignment for my multimedia design class. It mainly consists of using intersecting parallel lines to create an illusion of the shading and the volume of an object. [22/01/2012]

Cross hatching

Sketching for Communications – Bunnyception!

Hmm…my first drawing for my ‘Sketching for Communications’ class. Bunny-ception!! Feast your eyes on this beast, probably my first sketch in the past 5-10 years. (Click here for full-size image) [Originally posted Jan 16 on a different blog]


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